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31-Day Meme Gacked From glitter_my_glam

So help me God, I will do this meme all the way through. Was going to do today this morning, but I had the dumb.

Day 2 ~ Favorite Movie

Wow, this is difficult! There are so many out there that I adore. I have to exempt the Superman films as too obvious. *thinks hard* The easiest answer is The Virgin Suicides, which is a lot more complex than the title implies and is both visually and emotionally stunning. I love the dreamy feel of the film, the soundtrack, and just the overall view into these girls' lives. Just a beautiful film. For a second choice, a guilt pleasure, I think it's a tie between Labyrinth and Dreamchild, a fascinating, surreal film about the real Alice in Wonderland, Alice Liddell.

day 1: favorite actor ~ Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder
day 2: favorite movie ~ The Virgin Suicides; Labyrinth, Dreamchild.
day 3: favorite musician-
day 4: favorite album
day 5: favorite book
day 6: favorite food
day 7: favorite tv show
day 8: pictures of your room
day 9: picture of a flower in your favorite color
day 10: favorite outfit
day 11: meme picture
day 12: favorite book quote
day 13: favorite recipe
day 14: a childhood picture
day 15: 2nd favorite movie
day 16: something that made you smile this day
day 17: favorite comic
day 18: favorite board game
day 19: a favorite memory
day 20: a 10+ year old picture
day 21: favorite movie quote
day 22: favorite television quote
day 23: favorite animal
day 24: something embarassing in your room
day 25: one of your most prized posessions
day 26: a picture from one of the greatest days of your life
day 27: a picture of where you’re from
day 28: a drawing of you in the future
day 29: a picture of space
day 30: somewhere you want to visit
day 31: whomever you find most attractive in this world
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