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19 March 2010 @ 03:12 am
Reposted Directly From glitter_my_glam's LJ  
Guess what greeted me once home from a galactically-crappy day at work?


So I've mentioned before that I can't draw, right? Well that still stands LOL. Anyway I'm distracting myself from some personal stuff so I started doodling, and I ended up drawing this for Lois. :D Like...three of you will get this, but oh well! (They're two original characters, one Kala is hers Deacon is mine. We've always joked about doing a crossover because said characters would get along SWIMMINGLY.)

It should say "double your age," not half. Deacon is not dating a twelve-year-old.

ALLEY, I LOVE YOOOOU! We really need to write a crack fic with your families and ours. XD Watch Clark and Finn glance at each other funny. "Wait, you look vaguely familiar..."

And TOTAL BS on not being able to draw. BB, this is too awesome. Fr srs. I couldn't do these!
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