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It's Only 11 AM And I'm Already Made Of Lose...

Let's make a checklist of why I and the brick wall have already made each other's acquaintance this morning

  • Anissa is sick and should have been home last night, but I had to work. We come home and she goes straight to bed. Chapter is still in need of at least 3,000 words and two scenes.
  • I get a bath.
  • I stay up, already tired, and manage to polish one scene. Knowing it's not going to get any better, I head to bed.
  • Can't sleep as I can't turn my brain off. Up mindlessly watching TV until 6:30 AM
  • Awakened by FIL at 10:00 AM by him yelling through the door that my boss called and wanted me to pick up some extra hours.
  • Tried to go back to sleep so I could get more than four and a half hours since I'll be doing an eight-hour shift tonight.
  • Failed utterly at that and head to study to try to catch up the chapter.
  • Just as I get set to start working, FIL comes in and reminds me to call work and ask Eric what's up. I made plans last week for Thursday-Friday and I don't work Saturdays. I already know I'm not going in. Get obvious disapproval from FIL, who's also cranky when told Anissa is too sick to do an errand we were going to run this morning.
  • As I get set to call Eric, FIL comes storming in to yell that I forgot to put some Stove Top into a Tupperware container last night. I made dinner for myself really late, long after I made Anissa's dinner and before I went to bed. Somehow I forgot it in the midst of everything else. OFF WITH MY HEAD! He then proceeds to freak out because I brought tea and soup in mugs into the bedroom for Anissa, who was too sick to come out to the dining room. *headdesk*
  • Once I manage to keep from screaming at him, I call the job, only to be told that the hours were given away already and hung up on. *sigh* Well, that saved a fight.
  • Trying to cheer myself up, I go check my bank account. My return was filed once and didn't go through, so Dad refiled it last week and I've been waiting for it to come in. It finally did and I was starting to cheer up. Although I got almost nothing for mine, my parents are having a really hard time (Daddy was laid off by the Times-Union last year) keeping ends met and I wanted to help. I'm the oldest daughter and I had no seriously huge plans for the money, so I was going to give them a little bit to get by. Things are looking up.
  • I go with serious annoyance to bring the two mugs and two spoons out of the bedroom, hoping to stem the tide of bullshit, only to fail epically in telling him not to worry, I'll have the $100 monthly payment for Best Buy on Thieves' Gambit when I get paid easily. This causes ANOTHER round of drama. Seems that someone (he says Her Majesty, though I'm inclined to doubt it) said that he'd be getting the majority of my tax return. Buh? Since when? So now I'm scrambling to get $200 for him to try to settle that BS and I still want to give $200 to my parents. Which leaves Lois with how much when she gets her check Thursday? After working how many hours? That's right. $0 before it's even pay day.
  • Annnnd now, due to all of this, I have ZERO interest in writing the big fight scene I need to be working on. Did I mention that the beta needs to be in by Thursday night? And Anissa's sick? And I'm trying not to commit multiple homicides? *FAILS*
  • Which leads to the fact that the chapter might just be late yet again. Which just makes me want to cry. I'm BEYOND sick of blowing deadlines. I never had trouble with this until this year. *cries* Sucks. RL, you are lame. GTFO.

So, in short, I am Made of Fail and it's not even noon. *makes face* You'd think this was a Monday.

DIAF, Wednesday. DIAF.

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