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athenesolon's Superman Meme

Who is the "primary" identity of Clark Kent/Kal-El/Superman to you and why?
I take option two. And I could do an entire essay on this. My version is pre-Modern Age, which is when they decided that Clark now needed to be the primary identity. Myself, I don't think that's fair to the character. Clark is who he was raised as and that aspect of his mindset is vitally important. Also important is where he's from and the actual species he is. Which is Kryptonian, an alien. He's a child of two words. Yet, he's neither and both. Kal-El is the core in that, in the end, it's the only time that he can fully express both Clark and Superman. Who he is is comprised of all of his experience, in and out of costume.  That said, I love Clark just as much as Superman. Clark is NOT an afterthought.

And there you go.

Which Superman is "your" Superman (can include comics and cartoons)?
Christopher Reeve, although I am more than happy to include Brandon Routh. Chris would have been so proud.

What is your first memory of Superman?
I have very vague memories of going to see SII in the theater with my uncle. I was about one or two. That might be from my uncle discussing it. I didn't get into it again until I was about eight or so. I think I saw it on HBO one night at a friend's and that was it. Love at second sight. :D

Who is your favorite character in the Superman Universe (if it's Superman, who is your second favorite)?
XD Should I EVEN answer this, guys? Because I think it's a no-brainer.

If you were to give Lois a superpower, what would it be and why?
Are you trying to tell me she doesn't have any? She's the Goddamn Lois Lane. And no, I won't. She totally doesn't need them. Although maybe flight. I'm sure it would be enjoyable for a time.

Golden Age, Silver Age, Modern Age- which is your favorite and why?
I've stopped reading the Modern Age comics because I've become more and more disenchanted with their mixed-up continuity. Not a fan of the majority of the Silver Age either. So, I'd say late-Silver Age and early-Modern Age. Late 70s to mid-80s. 

Post an image of your all time Favorite version of Superman
Oh, God. I have to narrow this down? *whine* Oh, okay. Let's look.

Well, hi, there, Kal-El!
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