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Because I'm The World's Biggest Ditz,,,, Happy Belated Birthday, athenesolon

It just goes to show that I'm getting old and losing my mind. Ever so much 'happy birthday' and I hope it was absolutely amazing for you. I know the chapter wasn't much of a present and you have to share with everyone else, but it's all I have at the moment. *looks sheepish* And I will reply to your IM soon; I'm just considering my answer before I give you one. *snugglehuggles* I'm sorry I'm so late in saying this!

Also, Happy Birthday, ditzyfish ! We need to see your face in the place a little more often, mama! Your interest in old-skool Clois makes me feel like less of an oldies-dork. Happiest of happiest, darling! *blows kisses*
Tags: happy birthday, lois is a moron

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