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Yes, The Chapter Is Forth-Coming...

The only reason it's not up right now is a combination of exhaustion, late nights at work, and the fact that we delayed in coming home from a muse-food trip to Jekyll by a run-in with a cop on the island. saavikam77  didn't get it until about 6 AM due to this and we're just waiting until she can clear time on her schedule to beta the chappie for two creeps who don't know what a deadline is. We suck, but the last month as been hell for me. Not an excuse, just a statement of fact.

That said, I should hope that the latest we'll post will be tomorrow morning. Regardless, beta-ed or unbeta-ed, it will be posted before the weekend is over.

I'm hoping that now that the crazy season is over the posting schedule can become less erratic. I hate that we've had to keep you guys waiting a few times now. :(

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