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One Last Day

Thank you, God, today is the last day of inventory. YAY!!!!

And then we get to do a week's worth of freight over the weekend when we're usually crazy-busy. Did I mention that we have to do the returns, too? BOO!!!

But at least the insane season is almost over. And just in time. We've all been exhausted in November.

This also means that my energy levels should pick up. Thank God, because the next couple of chapters in Heirs are going to be frantic. SOOOO much happening and things that will change the 'verse forever. I absolutely need my full attention on it.

Also, to those waiting for the SR pics, specifically repmetsyrrah  and kabuki_party , they're coming. Mediafire has been a pain in the ass since yesterday and now I'm having to try another upload service to get them to you. I promise, they're coming. *blows kiss*
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