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23 February 2010 @ 12:05 am
Inspired By A Post By ferdalump  
Ferd's post wasn't about this, but it made me think of my thoughts on this.

When it comes to OTP, we can all be pretty fierce in defense of our own. Especially when it's official canon. But in the end, everyone has their own choices of who should be together. Fine example? While I love my Clois and its 70+ years of canon, I'm also a huge HP Harry/Hermione fan. That said, I'm not going to dislike you just because you like Harry/Ginny or Ron/Hermione. I may be physically ill (*wink) over it, but it's your OTP. Who am I to fuss, especially since there's canon for it? I'll state my opinion, but I'm not going to attack you for it. On LFN? I was a Micheal/Nikita shipper (despite her occasional pettiness and his constant need to keep secrets) while many of the fandom shipped the two of them with everyone else but each other. Same with any pairing from SV. I liked Lana with him for about the first two years, then I really wanted him with Chloe for several years (until he hurt her too much and the Lana thing was just a never-ending cycle), and now I like the Clois. Honestly, everyone has dated everyone else over there and their canon is totally different from any other version of the universe. What's the point in fighting? In the end, my OTP is the pairing of the Movieverse, which is the one that's important to me. Beyond that? I'm happy with what I get. (I can hear the L&C fans on my F-List snickering even now. :P Except that version! You guys can keep that whole series! *LOL* No, really! XD)

My point is, I'm not just going to dislike someone for their pairing choices. That's stupid. There's more to life than fighting over that. And there are too many people out there that are interesting that I'd like to know to let an OTP stop me.

*looks up at the post* Does it show that this has been bugging me for a while? Okay, well, there's my twenty-eight cents. Back to your regularly-scheduled programming.
On the Verge of: thoughtfulthoughtful
Ferd: Brois- Bat and Lois kiss at signalferdalump on February 23rd, 2010 05:26 am (UTC)

I SOOO understand where you're coming from and you are so right. Fandom should be fun and about loving something so much that you want to share it and enjoy it with others that love what you do. It's tricky when a certain character in one OTP happens to be a vital member in another person's beloved OTP. And it's even moreso when words like 'iconic' and 'canon' and stuff have to be flung around as though it is a war and DAMN IT THERE WILL BE A WINNER. In my opinion if it were only about who ends up together, then why would any of us be writing, vidding, manipping at all? Wouldn't we just all watch the show or movie or read the comics and accept that status quo? The fun with fandom (again IMHO) are the what if's? The AU. The creation of things we'll never see. That's what drives me. That is what I love and what makes me happy. Plus, I quote Walt Disney in saying "Sometimes it's fun to do the impossible." :D

"Honestly, everyone has dated everyone else over there and their canon is totally different from any other version of the universe." LOL!! So true. Chad and I always laugh that everyone in SV mates simply by proximity.

But I think everyone has their own idea of how their OTP should be handled and sometimes it's very different from other people who are devoted to the same OTP. I think I wig people out when I say "OMG NO I DON'T WANT BRUCE WAYNE ON SMALLVILLE" and I think if hell froze over and they used Lois Lane in the next Bale Batman movie (and it wasn't ED) I would probably need to be put in an insane asylum. LOL!

OTP's are a funny thing for people and something that can probably never be explained. I think it's best to just love what you love and spend your time doing that. I will never understand those that take so much time spewing hate against something they don't like or get.

And I think you and I have discovered that we can each like ships that by definition can't really co-exist and yet we can get along just fine. Is it a miracle? :p

(P.S. You just blew my mind by saying you liked Lana and Chloe on SV. That's awesome. Have I ever confessed to you that I used to be a mod on a Chlark board? LOL!)

(P.P.S. Double LOL for your L & C comment. AMEN!)

Lois: Lois :: Cute Grinkalalanekent on February 23rd, 2010 06:09 am (UTC)
I think I really do fine with most OTPs, although I have to admit to a certain hatred of Superman/Wonder Woman. I had it forced down my throat by fanboys when I first entered the fandom because Lois was "a useless and bitchy character and why would he want to be with her when he could have a hottie with powers like Wonder Woman. Plus, Lois will be dead in about twenty years and look like hell while Diana's still fit and tight."

Needless to say, it infuriates me to this day. That said, I just don't read it or hang out talking about it. I'm even trying to explain my reasoning in Heirs. It really does stem from being told that Lois was good enough for him. But if you ship it, I don't mind. Go for it. I'm not going to dislike you for it. I just think that there's a better dynamic between Lois and Clark. That said, I actually loved Lynda Carter's Wondy growing-up. I know, shock of shocks, right? :D And she had Steve Trevor, so there you go.

Wow, sorry, had to get that out. Also tempted to add that to the post.

And I feel you with the AU. Hell, all of my writing is about giving a plausible ending to a film series that abandoned its OTP for the politics of the film-making. The Salkinds were assholes, so I was robbed, along with the other fans. So I'm trying to make it right and realistic. It really is about the road not taken. I totally feel you.

It's true! It's gotten pretty incestuous in that everyone has dated everyone else at one point or another. Or wanted to. It's just mind-boggling. I actually love the Clois over there because it makes sense for it to happen now. It really was too soon until this point.

I know, right? I was the same way about SR. OMFG, I love Brandon, but Kate? And the whole messed-up situation they put the OTP in? *headdesk* And my biggest issue with the film is their Lois. It's not even that Kate is a bad actress. She;s actually pretty good. It's that her Lois lacked the fire of Margot's version and she based her version of the character in a film continuation on another actress entirely. *headdesk* No, it's not where I would have gone with the film, but hey. I like it well enough. And, as we've seen, I totally panic over the thought of anyone taking the reins again other than Singer. At least with Singer, I know I won't hate the whole thing.

Yeah. I'm a freak over the portrayal of my OTP. *snickers*

Lois: ATU :: Teen Loiskalalanekent on February 23rd, 2010 06:09 am (UTC)
Wow, I'm long-winded!

Agreed. If we can be down with it, why can't they? I mean, come on! It's not the worst thing in the world to like a different ship. It's such a small thing in comparison with the rest of life.

XD I actually do like the way that the Clana started out. I think he needed to have a relationship to cut his teeth on and learn with. In the first couple of years, it was very sweet. The point at which I started to dislike Lana was when her eye started wandering and all we heard was 'Secrets and Lies!'

I really liked he and Chloe together and rooted for them a long time, up until around season 6 or so, but Clark just hurt her too often for me to like it any more. I was actually relieved when Jimmy came on just because I figured that it would break the cycle. It just got too painful to watch her keep trying when he'd let it go.

I really didn't want the Clois together yet until last year. I really loved them as just friends until then. There had been enough time passed for it to start making sense that he saw her that way.

And that's awesome, actually. I really do like Chloe even now. My biggest problem is that I hated the way the writers were treating her last year. I think they really did assassinate everything good about her for the whole Doomsday storyline. It just made her look like the bad guy in so many ways. Last year's final ten episodes just rubbed me the wrong way and they really did botch it for us all, regardless of your pairing.

I'm not always happy with the way they write her this year, but I understand what they're trying to do. At least now she gets a part in the larger scale of the story.

And oh, amen! I can see why the others like it, but I can't handle that much comedy in my Superman. I really can't. And after having Reeve and Kidder as your pairing for so long, Hatcher and Cain just didn't measure up. Good for the fans that love it, but it's more for them. I'll stick to RV. :D