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Why? Because januaried's A Genius, That's Why

Okay, so I take it back. Something of brilliant awesome has happened recently. My brilliant RV soulmate/enabler :D has been sneaking time out of her whirlwind schedule to spoil me rotten in a way that only she can.

The first is my request, a manip from the set on STM made LS canon. Lois, Kal-El, and baby Jason having a great family moment. I've wanted this one for so long and the final result makes me crazy happy.

The second was a request by athenesolon  for an Above Suspicion manip of Chris' character and his son changed to be Clark and Jason.

repmetsyrrah : The third was for you, Gracie, my darling. We've been looking at this pic from Sisters forever for IAL and this is the final product. 

L, if you don't remember that you rock the RV's world, I'm going to have to kick you in the butt. ;)
Tags: ial, januaried art, ls art

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