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A Surprise Belated-Valentine's Day Out And Plot-Making Music

I was officially kidnapped this morning and will be so again in just a few minutes by my utterly amazing and gorgeous girlfriend for the day. We both managed to score today off and are running around acting like crazy people. And also finally tracked down the elusive song from the Chlollie scene from last week's episode. What is it with me and my absolute lust for music like this? You could seduce me with music like this all day.

For those of you that were curious, the song is 'Smooth' by Car Stereo Wars. Totally sex on toast. I can't remember being this crazy in love with a song on SV since Vast's Don't Take Your Love Away.

januaried, my love, I'm sorry I didn't get to show up and tell you until now, but it's just been one of those days. I love you, please don't kill me? *covers you in snuggles and kisses*
Tags: crack!ville, holiday insanity

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