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The First Of This Weekend's Spoilers

This is just a brief little promo trailer for the scenes from SR we'll using in the next few chapters. This is not by all means all we'll be using, but just a taste. And Jason's asthma shot? Yes, we will be using the scene before that one, but in a different way. Yay, piano scene! 

I also need to take my turn at this, seeing as how my dearest anissa7118had a hand in this.

1) What's your favorite fanfic 'verse to write in?

Seeing as how I've only ever written in two 'verses, I have a choice of 'La Femme Nikita' and 'Superman'. I'll say 'Superman' because I had to create an entirely new history for the 'Toy Soldiers' series. And the fans in 'Superman' leave 
feedback. :D 

2) And your favorite 'verse to read?

Same. We tend to be very spot-on with characterization. At least our little 'inner circle' is. (*hugs her f-list*)

3) Among published authors, whom do you admire most?

Anne Rice (lush descriptions), Anne Rule (never boring), Stephen King (takes you to a scary place and makes you like it), Thomas Harris. Hope I didn't have to choose just one.

4) Which fanfic author do you admire the most?

We have so many <i>amazing</i> authors out there that it's unfair to level the playing field. I will say that I'm in constant awe over B, Brian, Caroline, and Abby's talents. And honored that they even read my work. It means alot.

5) Who's your favorite character to write?

*raises eyebrow at Anissa* I'm not even going to dignify that with a response, especially not after 12 years...

6) Whom do you hate writing?

I don't necessarily <i>hate</i> writing him, but I'm awful at it. Lex. I'm a criminal psychology nut, but Anissa gets into his head so much better.

7) Which character is the easiest to write (might not be the same as 5)?

Funnily enough, the twins. Lois is and always has been on tap for me, I love her that much. But the twins 'talk' to me as much, if not more, than she does.

8) And which is the most difficult to write?

<b>Him</b>. I love Kal-El more than life itself, but I can only give suggestions. I think he's a little shy to talk to me for some reason. Maybe because I hated SIII and the way he went to Lana. He probably still blames me for that. ;)
9) What's the longest story (or epic poem, if you swing that way) you've ever written? And its word or page count, please.

Ummm... Anissa, what's the total word and page count on 'Dark Rising'? Which will be finished one day. I really think that <b>DR</b> even surpasses <i>LS</i>.

10) What's the word or page count of the shortest story you've ever written? What was it about?

I don't write short stories. My shortest poem ever was 'Lost In The Shadows'  at something like 10 lines and was based off of Ari from <b>DR</b>. It's been one of my favorite pieces since I wrote it.

11) Have you ever gotten anything published? If not, do you ever plan (hope, dream, pray) to be published?

Nope, only a poem in a small magazine back at school. But we will publish 'Dark Rising' one day. I personally would love it if I hadn't been coauthor of it.

The above was edited for spelling and grammer at 5:30 pm so as to change the opinion that the writer's first language is not English. Geez! This is why I should never be allowed to post that early in the morning. *rolls eyes*

Hope you guys enjoy! Will be back later with updates. ( With updates, not for. And this was written by a Creative Writing major. Edited again because the writer is a moron.)

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