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Smallville 9x12: Warrior

Once again, I find myself in the minority.

Not going to do a full review, seeing as how too many people have torn it apart and I don't feel the need to defend the fact that I actually really liked it. It was light, fluffy, and enjoyable. There's nothing wrong with that. Lois remains the HBIC, I liked the kid, I liked the Con, the Captain Marvel ellusions were cute, Chloe playing the XBox was too precious, I wasn't even angry at Z, and Clark sounded like the Superman I know and love in his final scene with Billy Batson.  Hell, I actually liked the Chlollie at the end. More than that, despite my misgivings, that was old-skool Diana Lois looked to be rocking. I'll say no more than a happy sigh.

So sue me. What can I say? I'll hand you the tar and feathers. *shrug*

That said, tell me, my brilliant F-List, what is the tune playing during the Chlollie scene? Because I wants it, precious. I NEEDS it!
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