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Drive-By Listy Stuff

  • All of our Clois Porn Battle entries reposted in their various homes. Eventhough we only got five done between the two of us, I'll consider it a win. Not only that, it got a few of the prompts we've been wanting to do for a while out of the way. The index here is updated with links and I just need to update the Index post at FF.net. All in all, not too shabby.
  • I need to go poke around Ebay for a bottle of Ghost body wash. I just used the last of mine and I already miss it so. I can't wait until this Halloween.
  • Heirs is going to be late, no matter what we do. Between 12days_of_clois  and the PB, we totally ran out of time. And I loathe that because you guys know me and deadlines. :( So, not a happy camper on that.
  • The two of us are tentatively plotting two short series to come after Heirs and before its sequel that we have been sitting on for a while, although I think we're going to play with Across the Universe a little more than Lips of an Angel. One is a LOT less angsty than the other.
  • I will not let this cold get the best of me.
  • When you're sick, caramel apple cider and Stoli do not suck together. Actually, they kick ass at relieving sinus pressure. :D
  • Going to play paintball the weekend for Super!Secret reasons. Go pick out a ring. And maybe stay in St. Augustine the weekend since Anissa's tax return should be in. I can say no more.
  • Is it too much to ask that I get paid to stay home? :(
  • Already planning more stuff for reeveverse . Stay tuned.
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