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Another One Down...Or Two, I Should Say

More fic to come once the PB is over. In the end, we've gotten four pieces written and posted, another that has decided that it will be it's own series at some point, and one more to go. It's been a good weekend for fic writing.

However, it's been a bad one for the cleaning I planned to do. :( May have to see what we can get finished before the end of the day. *crosses fingers* The bedroom and the study TOTALLY need it. I've made a little headway this morning, but there's so much of it to do. It sucks when your stuff is confined to two rooms in the house. *sends the Death Glare to her FIL* Also, we're starting the next chapter later tonight, likely. And I think one of the Super-Secret scenes from Heirs may get trotted out to be worked on the fumes of the PB. God knows it's coming up.

Little Secrets Snapshots: A Spark in the Tinderbox (Part One)

Author: kalalanekent
Prompt: #18 ~Your dream will come true when you least expect it.
Category: Reeveverse
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 5,366
Summary: On their infamous trip to Niagara Falls, Lois has had enough of the guessing games and tension that's been steadily building between she and Superman since the summer. And with Clark finally trying his chances with her, she decides that now is the time to test a theory... Follows All I Want For Christmas
Spoilers: Standard spoilers for Little Secrets
Author's Notes: Enormous hugs for our poor over-worked goddess of a beta, saavikam77 , who we've really put through the wringer this month. I promise, we'll behave better in February. :D WE LOVE YOU, ELLA!

Little Secrets Snapshots: Such Great Heights (Part One)
Author: anissa7118
Prompt: #20 ~ Your dynamic eyes have attracted a secret admirer.
Category: Reeveverse
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: When Lois Lane wants something, she gets it. Even if she has to mess with your mind to do it. From what she can see, turnabout is fairplay.
Summary: Immediately follows A Spark in the Tinderbox
Tags: oneshot, the authors in rl

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