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So, To Fanmix Or Not To Fanmix?

As Act Four of Heirs will be starting on Saturday and, with the shift in the storyline as we hurdle toward the final two acts of our tale, I was considering doing the next fanmix for it. Provided that januaried  has the time to indulge me in the next couple of days, that is. You'll also notice a change in the tone of some of the music as well as a few spoilers, if I'm not really careful. So, what do you think? Anyone up for it?

Poll #1514941 The Next Heirs to the House of El Fanmix

Shall I?

Of course! It's always more fun with the soundtrack playing.
Lois, don't you get it? No one listens to these things!
Meh. I'll pick it up if it looks interesting.
Tags: fanmixes, heirs, poll
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