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Tagged By Lyndsey *waves* ;)

Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 random things, facts, goals, or habits about yourself. at the end, choose 10 people to be tagged. you can't tag a person who has tagged you.

1) Most people LOATHE long cars rides, even if they love the places the drive is taking them to. Me, I'll pay an extra $20 a week to Anissa just so we can go out for drive in the middle of the night and in the middle of nowhere, just to talk and listen to music and look out the window. Twisted, I know.

2) I once misspoke as a child (around 4 or 5) and innocently called the CSX building here in town the 'S-E-X' building. Everyone in the car was horrified and I had no clue why. My father maintains that it's the funniest thing I've ever said.

3) I wrote my first poem at 9. It was about Jack Frost and everyone thought it was one I copied from a textbook. XD I have to admit, it was pretty damn good.

4) My first and only attempt as a kid to write fanfiction (before I even knew there was such a thing) was a Mary Sue child of Lee Stetson and Amanda King from Scarecrow and Mrs. King. I was about 13.

5) Seems everyone from my job assumes that I'm in my early-to-mid twenties (depends on who you ask), so it really freaks people out when I start rocking out to Supertramp or David Bowie at work. That and I know that V is a remake and not an original show. Yes, people, I have seen The Greatest American Hero. I even watched it when it was still a new show on TV!

6) I wish with every fiber of my being that I can find some way back into the entertainment industry. I should have left for NYC after I got out of school, but I was too intimidated and waited. And then I waited so long that I'm not sure I'm the actress I used to be and I'm too old to play the parts I loved. Although now I have the fandom and that's some consolation.

7) Wanted a twin or an older sister so bad when I was little. When my mom had twins three years later, I wanted to send them back and trade them for a Big Sister. Mom says I requested this really loudly once when we were at Baptist (where the twins were born) visiting a family friend when I was about seven or so.

8) My favorite animal as a child was an armadillo. Honestly, as much as I love other animals, I really still love them. I know, weird.

9) I can't watch anything with Angela Lansbury in it because even the sound of her voice makes me think of my Nana. She was her favorite actress and I'm a total basketcase after Anastasia, which makes me think of us. Once Upon A December will always be our song (both of us were Christmas babies).

10) Unnaturally addicted to LUSH (that's what happens when you lust after something for years and can finally afford it!) and have been slowly but surely switching most of my body care over to them. However, neither the deos or the conditioners work so well on me. I just don't get it. :/ Not their fault.
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