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Just A Little Little Secrets Soundtrack And A Little Crack!Tudors

Just a little mix of our working music from throughout writing LS. Some of it means quite a bit to the plot (Sia's Breathe Me and Ella Fitzgerald's Heart and Soul), then again some of it is wrapped up emotionally in it, but not necessarily spot-on (Evanescence's Lacrymosa, not so much the words, but the intensity of the song). I listen to a pretty random mix, as far as some people would be concerned, but it all jells well for LS's emotional highs and lows. 

Artist Unknown-Superman Returns Concert Suite
John Williams-Prelude and Main Title March
John Williams-Love Theme from 'Superman'
Superman Returns-Reprise/Flyaway
Superman Returns-Little Secrets/Power of the Sun
Sia-Breathe Me (Fortress flashbacks in 'Come Undone')
Vertical Horizon-I'm Still Here
Within Temptation-A Dangerous Mind (Lex's Theme)
Within Temptation-See Who I Am (A definite Fourth Act classic)
Evanescence-Lacrymosa ( Means 'tearful' or 'guilty'. Think of the end of SII.) 
Matchbox Twenty-You Won't Be Mine (Kal-El watching Richard and Lois)
My Chemical Romance-Famous Last Words (Lois and Lex on the 'copter)
Kala's Special 'All's Fair' Track: My Chemical Romance-Welcome To The Black Parade
Panic at the Disco-I Write Sins, Not Tragedies (Think poor Richard, albeit twisted)
Simple Plan-Shut Up (A more childish version of Lois and Kal-El's 'I'm not speaking to you' phase)
Evanescence-Anything For You (Think back to Lois around the time just after STM and into SII.)
Goo Goo Dolls-Give A Little Bit (A modern nod to the song on Lo's radio in STM. The only modern music in the whole film.)
Lifehouse-Come Back Down (My secondary theme for LS, following How Do You Love?)
Marion Raven-Here I Am (A Cold Night In Paris/The First Kick)
Meatloaf featuring Marion Raven-It's All Coming Back To Me (Well, it never left some of us...)
Billie Myers-Kiss the Rain (SO Kal-El and Lois)
Breaking Benjamin-Diary of Jane (Should be 'Diary of Lane)
Collective Soul-How Do You Love? (The LS Love Theme)
Duran Duran-Come Undone (I'm just going to smile evilly here.)
Ella Fitzgerald-Heart and Soul (The song that brought a volcano to full boil) 

And on a off-topic *Squee!* of joy...HOW MUCH LONGER UNTIL 'THE TUDORS'?!?! I don't think I can contain my excitement much longer! It looks SO good and I'm such a fan of both history and Anne Boleyn. I think I have upward of seven books on her. Only a woman that fascinating could have brought Elizabeth I into the world. Come on, April 1!

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