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Ahoy, Clois Picspam!

Sorry we're been so scattershot in the last few months (the last year, honestly), all. Both me and [info]rizny  have both been buried in projects and RL, so we haven't given the comm the love it deserves. I totally feel like a loser for it. One of my resolutions this year is to manage to keep all my ducks in a row and get back to making the Reeveverse a worthwhile place to be.

And to that end, I have PICSPAM! These images are just some in the collection I've been putting together since I joined the online fandom over ten years ago. Yeah, back when Superman Central was the main source on information on the 'verse. Actually, it and Superman Homepage were the only ones with any in-depth content. Anyway, credit to these go to Hiphats, [info]brdwaybebe , [info]rizny , and various others whose names have been lost in the sands of time. I only made one of these images, so I claim none of the credit.
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