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No, Anissa Isn't Posting The Fic For Me. I'm Alive.

OMG, what a crazy season this has been. The plus: good paychecks. The bad: totally emotionally exhausted. *makes face* Sooo burned out on retail at this point. Although I can say that sales this year are the best they've been in three seasons. The money, it's coming back. So should more of the jobs.

Chrustmas for me personally was wonderful. Not a lot of things I actually had on my list, but everyone but me went shopping at the last minute and so most of what I wanted got lost in the rush. But I got quite a few nice things, especially since money was brutally tight for Mom and Dad. April made me some gorgeous jewelry that I need to post pics of. Anissa bought me a Gazeera statue, which was presented to me set in the tree Christmas with the Kents-style. We got to go up to Jekyll Island Christmas Night and saw beautiful lights and a ton of deer grazing. I'm not going to get too much into the loot end of things, but it wasn't too bad this year. Ended up missing the small little touches this year, like watching holiday movies and group outings. Got and lost the spirit several times. I need a more flexible schedule when it comes around again.

And I missed you guys! I'm so sorry I wasn't around more for the family this season! I feel like I missed out on so much of everyone's life since November! I'm going to try to be better about that in the new year. I'm actually going to try and get a little better about a lot of things this time. The weight is an on-going project, but I really want to get the chance to clean out and decorate both the study and the bedroom. I really just want a space that's mine in this house. The FIL raises hell anytime my stuff is in the living room, so I'm going to make my official space the study. Since I don't have the whole house, it'll have to do for the moment.

Also, new clothes this year. I always say I'm going to stop being so tight-fisted about the money I spent on me instead of spending it on us.   So I'll be buying myself some nice new clothes, other than the ones my parents and my MIL bought me for Christmas, and new boots that can't be worn to work. Also, I'm going to start getting my hair styled again and buy cute jewelry if I can afford it. I need to realize that I'm worth spending money on, too. If I want a Hard Candy lipstick and have the extra money, I need to get it.

Fic has been good for the last little while, I think. We managed to get two chapters, a oneshot, and another upcoming oneshot finished in a insanely busy month. I'll call that as a minor miracle. Where's the fourth piece, you ask? It's still to be posted over at the Daily Planet Forums' Fic Grab, so I'll post it here and at FF as soon as it's posted there.  It's a later entry in the Snapshots series, Wintersong. Sad, but hopeful, as well.

I also have a new video for you. It's very short, but I really need more footage of the pair of them before I can really do something extraordinary with it. But here it is:


Expect to see me catching up this week. I love you all muchly and hope you all had a Very Merry and that this new year brings huge promise for us all.
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