Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

Retail SUCKS

This is your friendly Voice of DOOM, hijacking Lois' journal for an announcement. Warning: Profanity Ahead!

Working retail around the holidays sucks like Electrolux. And that ain't a good thing. Lois is now scheduled til midnight every night she works, they're making her work on Christmas Eve, and to top it all off, Fucktard Manager is trying to keep her 'til ONE FREAKING A.M. I am gonna drive my car through the front doors one night, I swear. The crew mutinied against him tonight and left at 12:30, half an hour later than scheduled. FUCK YOU, FUCKTARD MANAGER. Try writing her up for it, I'll march my bitchy PMSing ass into that store and pimpslap you clear into next week.

ETA: She will not be working til 1 AM on Christmas Eve.  They're forcing her to come in 2 hours BEFORE her scheduled availability and working until 8 or 9 PM at the latest. 

Ahem. Anyway, this is leaving us with precious little time to do, well, anything. We got the tree up and lit, and the outside lights put up (in fucking 80 degree sweaty weather, which also sucks), but the ornaments are not yet on it. And I don't think any of our gifts are wrapped. Most of mine haven't been BOUGHT yet.

As for writing, well, being forced to work for complete morons for more hours than you expect tends to kill your muse. And in my case, frothing in impotent rage at my inability to cram some motherfreaking SENSE into Lois' bosses' minds has the same effect. So our progress on the current chapter of Heirs to the House of El has not exactly progressed. We're due this weekend, and it's just not gonna happen.

On the other hand, our oneshots for 12days_of_clois are almost complete. So we're gonna flip it, and post the oneshot this weekend, the chapter next week. As of now, it looks as though we'll be back to a normal posting schedule with a chapter on the first of January.

Thanks for your patience, folks. We both HATE delaying a chapter, but sometimes it's inevitable. Real life has a way of riding roughshod over your good intentions.
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