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As Promised Yesterday

All right, all right, I know it's about twelve hours late, but come bearing music and spoilers!

Clois Christmas 2009

The mix above is pretty eclectic, spanning all eras. Just a bunch of holiday music I've used to inspire or just really like. Enjoy, all!

As for the spoiler for this week, I'm putting it here since I already have the sidebar in use. This chapter's not going to be as large as last week's simply because of the lack of time to do it in and the fact that there will be a 12days_of_clois oneshot coming next weekend. That said, things are really busy in this one. Want proof? Well, here you go:

The hunter was careful. He had placed his blind at the edge of a field, and camouflaged it with a few boughs of the red cedar trees that formed the windbreak behind him. By his side was a .22 rifle perfect for hunting coyotes, and in the field before him was a remote-controlled predator call that could perfectly imitate an injured rabbit. At the moment, though, the hunter was only using his spotting scope to canvas the area.

The setup looked like any one of several out-of-town hunters presently staying in the Smallville area. Most of them were deer hunters, but coyote made for an interesting change of pace, and there was no limit or season on the predators. The only difference was the fact that the hunter was aiming his powerful spotting scope through a gap in the trees across the field – directly at the Kent farmhouse.
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