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On The Way Out The Door...

Just leaving notice that I'll be posting a Christmas playlist when I get home and I might just have a spoiler for this weekend's chapter. :D

Sound good? I'd send some of the mulled wine we plan to have tonight if I could!

Love you all and know I'm hideously jealous of those of you with snow at the moment. It's currently frikkin' 82 degrees here. Stupid Florida. *stomps foot*

ETA: *LOL, blows kisses* For those of you in Northern climes fussing at me for being so close to the beach, let me remind you all that this is HUMID heat, nothing like the Bahamas. And if you'd had to spend the last 25 years in a row wearing light clothing, you'd be sick of the lack of Christmas-like weather, too. Oh, did I mention the fact that the weather keeps jumping from hot and humid to cold and rainy? Yeah. All of us are coming down with colds because the Florida weather sucks. I'd rather be cold. I prefer it that way.
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