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I Am The Most Blessed Girl On Earth And Totally Don't Deserve You Guys!

This is the birthday girl signing in to say that I actually am alive. Tomorrow's going to be crazy since Anissa is taking me to Disney's Hollywood Studios (I haven't been since it first opened years ago as MGM Studios!). Thank you, glitter_my_glam , for picking up Anissa's ticket, bb! I'm terribly excited! We had so much fun at The Magic Kingdom last year, so this bodes well!

And I'm woefully behind on my 'thank you's for the wonderful snowflake cookies this week! inklane , ferdalump , saavikam77 , kabuki_party , repmetsyrrah , cloiser_trish , amelietw , chickadilly , htbthomas , ellenemi , babettew54 , and autumnrae89 , that was so incredibly sweet of all of you! I myself was trying to send out more, but was totally late to the party and couldn't get them to all of my F-List! If you didn't receive one, know that I really was trying! (I'm looking at you especially, dj_intheuk !) I didn't know when it started and didn't know when it officially stopped.

Thank you ahead of time for the birthday V-Gifts, bistyboo1974 , nmdrkangl , and autumnrae89 ! Totally unexpected and made me sniffle after a long night at work. This absolutely made my birthday start out fantastic!

I'll check tomorrow and tell you guys how it went! And to top it all off, we're staying at the MIL's the weekend so I can bake! YAY!
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