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Way-Layed By Illness

All set to go out for the tree yesterday when Anissa was struck down with stomach-yuck. So, change of plans, as I am determined to be of Good Cheer this season if it kills me.

I ended up helping decorate the Christmas tree at Mom's house, which is usually tradition, too. Went shopping with April for few more things for stockings. Decided that I'm going to start shopping at Target for clothes and boots since the prices are actually a lot better than I've been lead to believe (we usually only go grocery shopping there). Got to see a few Christmas lights on a drive with Boo and Tiffany before heading home.

And seeing as how Anissa's guest had yet to leave by the time I got back, I decided to eat dinner, get a bath, and zonk early with her. I'm currently have about 11 hours of sleep under my belt. The suck? I have to work today. Oh, well, more money to spend on Christmas. I'm sorely tempted to get her to get the tree without me, just so it's here and has fallen enough to be ready to decorate on my B-day Friday. I really want to have everything done by next weekend. No last minute rush to have the house Christmas-y.

Present ratio this far: 9/15. Six more to buy.
Tags: ho ho ho, holiday insanity

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