Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

One Last Progress Report

Alright, ladies, we slacked a bit last night (I worked until almost 1 AM, then we had to do the weekly brainstorming and the shopping), but we have one last scene to cover. Shouldn't take long and we'll have time to add more to One Week. We'll also be going to our Casbah for a brainstorming lunch Saturday afternoon. Seeing as how I'm working eight and nine hour days this coming week with one day off, I want to get as many notes as I can and get as much done as possible.

On a side note, I thought things were supposed to get better after Inventory? *sigh, rolling her eyes* Oh well, it'll all work out soon. ...I hope.

But I'm going to give you just one more eninsey spoiler until tomorrow morning. See you all bright and early! I have a day of book-buying, Mediterrean food-eating, and wine-picking to do tomorrow before bringing the spoils home and beginning the next chapter. Hopefully we'll top at a 1,000 words tomorrow. Maybe more. Enjoy tomorrow, everyone! We all deserve it!

They needed something to distract them, but Jason didn’t have it in his heart to play just then.  Kala turned her gaze away from the lengthened shadows, and looked into the clear blue of her brother’s eyes instead.  “Jason, there’s something I gotta tell you.”

Tags: little secrets progress reports, little secrets spoiler

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