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And This Is Why Superman and All Of You Mean So Much To Me.

swingandswirl, you own me now more than ever for finding this. hesychasm, you are a poet and a goddess among people for writing this piece.

It's here.

This is what fandom is to me, as well. You are all my family, a family I wish so badly I had had in my younger years, when I had no one to talk to about the Superman fandom and what it means to me. Every time I can talk to someone who likes the mythos is like a present I was never give in the past and I'm so grateful to know you all.

I'm also grateful for the lurkers out there, those that don't speak but still have such an interest. Once upon a time, I was you. Today's lurkers are usually tomorrow's writers, tomorrow's artists. YOU are what continues to fuel us, to make us strive to be better, in hopes of contact.

This is a time in my life that I will never have again and always, always remember.

ETA: Anissa's not going to SC this weekend. Plans changed at the last minute, which is why I was able to make this entry.
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