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I really want to post about the episode, which I loved, but wasn't quite what I was expecting. But my mood is just bizarro. I'll be at my parents' house for the next three days while Anissa's in South Carolina visiting a friend. No vacation for me; I'll be going to work while she's gone.

Part of me wants to write an apology here for the absolutely suck-ass friend I've been lately. I'm behind on replies, posts, reviews, birthdays, and everything else. I'm worried about my level of work on Heirs and whether it's any good, I'm not posting a lot of what's been happening with me lately because I don't want to be a drama queen or bring anyone down, and just.... blech. Sorry, L, I didn't mean to post a crabby post. I know you don't need the bad vibes. Really, guys, I am reading the posts lately; it's just that I can't think of anything useful to say.

Is this what happens when you're getting ready to turn 31? *makes face*

And, Charles, I didn't forget! Expect to see the fanmix next week.

I'm off. Love you guys bunches and bunches.
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