Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

More Progress

Despite Anissa on IM with two or three people, as well as doing her obessive/complusive thing on FP, we still managed to push it up to 3,174 last night. Things might well be the absolute pit of insanity elsewhere in my life, but the world of LS always makes it better. And I can happily annouce that this chapter will make the Clois fans grin. I told you not to give up!

            Her tone brooked no opposition, eyes stormy as the cold front closing in on them. 

Kal-El stalled for a moment longer, then sighed.  “Alright, fine.  Come here.”

            Now it was Lois’ turn to hesitate.  God, what have you done now?  Idiot, there’s a reason you didn’t fly with him last time.  This was a brilliant idea, Lane.  But she wanted to know, had to know, so she stepped forward, letting him take hold of her waist gingerly. 

And that's just from the opener. :)
Tags: little secrets spoiler

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