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Too High On Canon To Do A Whole Post, But.... (SV 9x08: Idol)

  • The opening with canon Clois, reminding me just a bit the famous pics from For Tomorrow.
  • Clark calling Lois on running away after the kiss and Lois blushing beet-red and totally not ready to deal.
  • Jayna and Zan and the Gleek phones, complete with the monkey sound-effect. I was dying!
  • Undercover Lois and the 'interview'. XD
  • All of the footage at the shrink's office.
  • Canon indecision between Clark and the Blur.
  • The Holding Out for a Hero ring-tone.So glad they kept it.
  • The fact that I actually LIKED the Twins. They did a great job of making them believable in my opinion. I wouldn't mind seeing more of them. IF Jayna gives Kala back her clothes. XD
  • The Blur finally calling Lois and Lois giving him what-for. Now THAT'S Mad Dog!
  • Annnd the voice-changing device dying on the last few words of the phone call. "Clark?" *SCREAMS*
  • Lois agonizing over knowing the Secret and not knowing what to do about it.
  • Lois' impassioned speech at the press conference. And the way Clark reacted to it.
  • Getting excited after it when we see the red rose and the note.
  • Even more excitement when she gets to the roof, sees the sleazy DA, and goes hard-core canon Lois on the bastard.
  • Canon moment of being thrown over the side of a building by a villain.
  • Followed by another canon homage in that Clark is on the street when he sees Lois dangling from around the rooftop.
  • Clark climbing down to rescue her and Lois telling him to let her go when she slips. Willing to be selfless to keep him safe.
  • Clark's expression throughout the scene.
  • Hated that she wasn't allowed go on believing that he was the Blur without interference, but it was to be expected. I also don't know that she's totally blown it off for good. Only time will tell.
  • The visit to the Twins was so great and I love that he's shown them his face and that he's a fairly normal guy. *snugs him*
  • Loved the mug. Too damn funny. I don't get why the mug with primary colors when he's not wearing them yet, but I'll live.
  • OMFG! THEY PUT ERICA IN THE STM 'INTERVIEW SCENE' HAIRDO FOR THE FINAL SCENE!!! Wait until after she tries on the glasses and they show her in profile. *SCREAMS* It's just like that moment in 'Metallo' when she looks up. And, correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't the outfit Lois is wearing look an awful lot like the one in this image?
  • I can't even go into the kiss right now. I'll go on for hours if I do.
Oh, show! PLEASE don't change! We've all waited so long!
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