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Okay, soooo. My bandwidth was over for five days? How...random. So yeah, my pics and gifs and mood theme are back. Sounds good to me. Saves me $25 this month that I can spend on Christmas presents. YAY ME!

In other randomness, the final baking tally for the weekend is at:

2 batches of Candy Corn cookies (which turned out delicious, but I need to add less butter to the mix next time)
1 batch of Ghiradelli brownies (too thin with just one box, but too fabulous for words)
1 batch Peppermint Chocolate Chip scones
1 batch Sherry-Spiked Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies
1 batch Candy Corn Brownies (these are what I baked Mom for her birthday)
1 batch Chocolate Fudge Tarts
1 batch normal brownies
1 batch Pumpkin Spice cookies

I think that's all of it. And, yes, some of it is going to work with me tomorrow. No way I want all of it in the house. Sooo dieting in the new year. Salads until summer.
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