Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

As One H/Hr to Another, I Could Seriously Kick Your Ass...

Okay, anyone who knows me on here knows I'm an H/Hr girl. Nothing really against Ron and Ginny, but I really didn't love the DH epilogue. This isn't to say that the H/G and R/Hr shippers don't have a right to their pairings, but I just didn't find the ending realistic. That, again, is just me. It was written to give readers the ultimate happy ending.

My version that lives in my head goes differently. But that's it. It's fanfic. JK's world is JK's world. I just play in it.

So, again, H/Hr shipper. Not batshit, doesn't play in the Harmony sandbox on the 'net, but loves her ship like WOAH and DAYUM.

Now, that said, if I ever find this person, I'll string them up. Seriously. And this is why I don't play in the HP fandom. JUST...*pauses, then beats their ass* chickadilly, thanks for pointing out a fine example of what I'll never be. They just give us a bad name. JUST. SICK.
Tags: bad fic steals your soul, f*cking stupid wank, h/hr or hp

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