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Fighting My Way Back To You

After the Immune System Lockdown that was last week, I'm finally up and around and trying to get caught up on things. Still tired, still achy, but I don't feel like a zombie anymore. Which is good. I also found out I have tomorrow off, which gives me one more day to recoop. Guess who's spending a little more personal time with her pillow? Although I need to find out what going on with januaried. Haven't heard from her all week.  

What else is good? After Anissa finished dinner last night, I started the first baking of the Fall season: Peppermint Chocolate Chip Scones and Ghiradelli Brownies with Walnuts. This afternoon it's been Sherry-Spiked Oatmeal Chocolate Chip and Pumpkin Spice cookies (the last with cinnamon icing). I have to bake another batch of brownies to go with Momma's birthday package (her birthday's Wednesday, but I have to work) and this is going to be my first year making Candy Corn cookies. No, not just sugar cookies with candy corn on top! Doctored sugar cookie batter with Hershey's Candy Corn Kisses melted in. I'm praying that they're a hit. I only have one bag left and I'm sacrificing a portion to the first try. *crosses fingers*

Also, after discussion with the betas and ourselves, Anissa and I have decided to put Heirs on an official twice-a-month schedule. That way it makes life easier for our betas (one in college with a heavy workload and one with multiple stories she's writing as well as betaing for) and for us (since it occasionally gives us an extra week). Also, readers will know exactly when to look for it the chapter. There will still be spoilers and everything else, but this makes things a little more stream-lined and will give us some breathing room.  

*glares at PB* I ended up having to spend the money to upgrade on my Mom's birthday, so I'm trying to decide what to do able the bandwidth. I do know that it's making me crazy looking at these signs. Really crazy. I've got to find a way to get that money. It's making my LJ look ugly and I can't stand that. *kicks PB again*

Have to go check on the cookies, but one more thing before I go: having seen the Idol promos, raise your hands if you think Jayna has been raiding Kala's closet? And the pic with her wearing the 'Blur' uniform top? PRICELESS! Although Kala's pouting. *LOL*
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