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Smallville 9x06: Crossfire (AKA: In Which SV Wins The Free Freaking World!!!)




FR SRS?!?!?!?

When was the last time that SV OWNED an entire episode? I mean, seriously? Every plotline tonight made me scream my head off with the sheer force of its awesome! How long has it been since we could say that? The canon, it was mighty! And the canon being made for SV as we speak? Irresistible!

Have I mentioned yet how thrilled I am to have our snarky, sunny Ollie back? An Ollie who's determined to make a difference in the world? Other than making the fangirls squirm with glee over his lack of shirt? (Yes, I am aware that this could be his only reason for existing for some of you, but still...) And I love watching him seek out a quest to keep him focused and that's just what Mia will be. I already love the girl; a little thing with so much fight in her and a troubled past? Fun times ahead, I see. This is going to be a fun ride.

Oh, Zod. Zod, Zod, Zod. You really have no clue of the enemy you're making, do you? You thought you were so smart, crashing her presentation in front of the shareholders and then having the conceited notion that Kandorians are so high above humans? That's quite hilarious, since she took care of your little goon all by her little red-headed self. After that ending scene at the cafe, showing just how he underestimated our favorite villainess and just how much of a force to be reckoned this little human is, I have to agree with Anissa; I'm more than a little mad for her, too. I think we're going to have fun watching the Waltz of Treachery these two will be dancing the rest of the year.

Catherine, huh? It was SOOO good to see them go with a gentler Cat Grant. It really amazes me just how much this version looks and sounds like I imaged my Cat would have at this age. *LOL* Thank you, SV, for making her a LOT better than the L&C version and the comics one. I looove you! I knew she was going to beat them out for the position. Canon; sweet, sweet canon. I would love to see her again, especially if they don't wreck her personality in this version. I always felt a little sorry for what the writers did to her.

And Chloe, OMFG! CHLOE!!! Where the hell have you been? How long has it been since you acted like the character you are meant to be? Why the hell does she have to have to be Chlois when she's all too awesome just by being herself? I'm trying to remember the last time she looked like she was having as much fun as she did when she and Stuart were sparring behind firewalls! She was having a great time and this is the most brilliantly alive I've seen her since mid-season last year. Hmmm... I wonder if this guy is who the spoilers where pointing to? :D I could see it. Another plotline that may to prove to be a lot of fun.

Awww! The final closure of the Lollie hurt to watch, what with Ollie being so open with her and with all he's overcome, but I love that they seem to be playing this without the angst. I love them as friends. It makes me think of why my Lois and Richard have such a great relationship. They know each other so well and are totally capable of call each other on their bullshit. And this way, they never have to lose each other. The Lollie is dead; long live the Lollie.

Yes, I deliberately left the Clois for last. I'm not even sure if I have the language skills to tell you just how in love I am at this moment. I'll have a heart-attack if I freak out over it one more time. From the canon newscaster position from the 70s, to the barbs about the Clois' dating history, to watching poor Clark struggle with his feelings throughout the episode to the moment when Ollie and Lois discuss Lois' feelings for Clark in a way that made it clear once and for all that she's sure how she feels. And when Chloe finally told him baldface to stop thinking of everyone else for once, it did my heart SOO much good to see where he headed next.

And that kiss! Now THAT was a kiss to wait five seasons for!

Video made by shalala_go_rawr , who is totally my hero!

Literally swooned and bawled while it was happening. THIS is what we're been waiting for.

There are so many individual moments for them this time around that I'd be all night detailing them. :D Needless to say, it can only get better.</div>

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