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Guess Who Got Tagged For The 'Marry.Fuck.Kiss.Kill.' Meme?

Okay, so I have a girlfriend that I love very much, but it's not like I'm blind. I know pretty when I see it. Note also that I write a lot of straight women. VERY straight women. *LOL* So... let's see who repmetsyrrah put on the menu.

Stop giggling. :P


Christopher Reeve

Oh, yeah, everyone just gasp in shock at once. Pleeeease! I wanted to marry this man when I was 9; who expected that to change? I mean, geez, just look at him!


James Marsden

Oh, Jimmy Paul (yep, James Paul), you pretty pretty boy. Again, look at this guy. Is there any wonder that my Lois spent so many years with him? Can't make herself get married, but live with the boy? HELL YES! Raise your hands if you can blame her. *pauses* Yeah, that's what I thought!


Tom Welling

A part of me winces when I place him here, seeing as how I write his Mom (well, Jason's mom, but still) in one 'verse, but I also write Elise and the Rewriting Destiny version of teenage Lois, so I don't feel so bad. A part of me could seriously marry him, but a kiss would be enough. Just too pretty for words. *loves*


Hugh Jackman

Oh, Hugh, what an impossible place to be put in! I love all of your movies, fell for you in Kate and Leopold (yes, I liked Kate and Leopold!), and adored your stage work. But... *looks up at the others and then looks pleadingly at him* Forgive me one day? Know that I do even this with love. *closes eyes* Such a shame; he's so pretty, too.
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