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Bitter, Bitter, Bitter...

It's a truly sad day when things in the SV fandom reach this level. Seriously. If you don't like the damn show anymore, do what the rest of us do and stop watching the thing. While I realize that part of the fun seems to be raining on our parade, it's pretty damn low when you'll attempt to get fired a woman who's only wrong-doing is telling us the truth about what's coming for the Clois fans. I have news for you; trying to get her fired isn't going to change the storyline. Do us all a favor and just let it go. Thanks to duskwillow for posting the news.

pattylaurie, thanks for all the wonderful good news you've given us, but now's the time to hide for a bit. Don't let these people win.

ETA: What the hell is this fuckery? shelly505, I'm so sorry, honey.
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