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Not So Great A Start

We're been in NC for two days now and I'm starting wonder if I can get away from the fail.

The rain has been almost non-stop, seriously cloudy and misty (dangerously so) on the Ridge both day and night, everyone was so stressed from their job that last night we all broke down, there are been money worries, April finally had a breakdown last night and it thankfully calmed the worst of her stress and Anissa seemed on the verge of letting go, too.

But then the incident with the dog on the Blue Ridge occured last night. I feel so helpless; I'm not being able to do anything to fix it. 'm not sure how things are going to go now. Especially now that it looks like the rain will be worse later today and it's going to have been Anissa's first horse-back riding since 2005.

As beautiful as it is up here, I'm really starting wish we hadn't come. Or that we could go back home and use the money for something else. And this is from the woman who needed it desperately. Part of me just wants to disappear into the mountains and never go back

*prays that things get better tomorrow, finally*.
Tags: vacation insanity

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