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Heaven Is A Place On Earth

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“Greetings and salutations folks this is Wel. I am currently sitting in our cabin in Handerson Ville Markowen(?). Just a cost from my sister who is on her laptop at the moment and this is currently passed out. It's been a long trip at the day has just been one snow balling ice just have for another but we're here in one piece. Every one is currently in a good mood. We have plans to heading to Ashville again tomorrow. We went by the Farmers Market earlier. We were gonna heading to Provard(?) and go to Bracken Mountain Bakery but we discovered that last minute that Bracken Mountain is not open on Sunday at all. Thank god this isn't November so else you wouldn't be going until Tuesday. So plans are to go to on Ashville probably ride the ridge go to Provard(?) pick up bunch of baked goods. Tuesday is going to be Anisa's day we're gonna be running a ridge quite a bit I've got talk to her again about exactly what she wants to do. Wednesday will be going horse back riding and going to Lindell Cavern and then Thursday were will be packing up and heading to Booth home away from home Gatlinburg for 2 days. So 2 and well one and most of a second now so it's gonna be a busy week but it's gonna be a fun one. Listen I've already decided when it's time for bed this evening we will be starting on the one shop we know it's still on Sunday and catch Shakespeare if you're hearing this don't worry we will have it in by then on it will not be a problem. We also plotting and planing for the next chapter already and you guys know less there will be probably be something wonderfully possibly M rated by the time it moves around for publishing it's still litter while yet but we were just wanted to let you guys know we made it one piece and we will talk to you guys likely briefly tomorrow. Love you can you tell the happy in my voice cos I know you haven't been hearing it lately. I love you guys and I hope you have a good day and I will talk to you tomorrow. Bye bye.”

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