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SV 9X03: Rabid


LOOOOOOOVE THE ZOMBIES! You know Erica and Tom had so much fun with their little fight scene. :D

And the Clois are just killing me with the OMG!Perfect.

And after that, I want some to try to tell me he's only now coming to love Lois. Dammit, he took Lana's picture out of the freaking wallet! And put her away in the album, putting the past where it belongs. I dare someone to argue. He feels it just as much as she does.

They're falling and it's a beautiful thing.

Hey, SV, consider yourself forgiven for the epic suck of last year. Even if you screw up the rest of the season, I'll love you forever for just this. For the things we've seen that we never thought would happen.

*goes back to the chapter's final edit, floating on a happy cloud*

Read Anissa's write-up; it's MUUUCH funnier. XD
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