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So Happy With This Chapter, I Figure Another Spoiler Couldn't Hurt

This time, Richana. God bless Lana's devious mind...

“It’s always true.” Lana let him hold her, and Richard saw those sea-green eyes scan the room surreptitiously. His smile widened, seeing all the signs of the gears turning wildly in her mind, and he murmured, “We’re not going to Smallville, are we?”

“No,” she whispered, and Richard followed her gaze. Clark was completely preoccupied, talking to Perry and Ron and getting texts from his mother, so he likely couldn’t spare the concentration to listen in on them. And prefaced by love-talk, why would he eavesdrop?

“So what are we doing?” The adrenaline was back, the rush of doing something more than halfway crazy.
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