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*glances sneakily from left to right*

*whispers* Okay, so I know people are worried about the Clois. Especially with the turmoil they're going through.

Weeeell, I might just be able to help with that, but you must realize that this is in a chapter a couple of months from now and the actual wording and the scene itself is subject to change. Consider this a reason to carry on. :D


Kal-El stormed toward her, his eyes dark with anger.  “I lied to you, Lois.”

Her heart sank.  Oh God.  Lois’ rage stuttered to a halt, swept away by fear.  He never lied...
He cupped her face between his hands, and though he didn’t hurt her, Lois was aware of his great strength in that touch.  “I told you if you wanted a divorce, I’d give you one,” Kal-El growled, those stormy eyes on inches from hers.  “I lied.”  He kissed her then, roughly.

Told you! ;)


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