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Things That Make Me Happy

  • Quality time with januaried . I miss that we don't get as much anymore. *snugs her BFF*
  • The Heirs prettah. ^ Isn't the promo banner awesome? *squeeing happy dance*
  • Munching on pomegranates, Hershey's Pumpkin Spice Kisses, Hershey's Candy Corn Kisses, and drinking apple and muscadine cider and hot tea. Oh, cold nights, please last!
  • The work done thus far on the profile. I can't get over how much less cluttered it looks! And I don't have to lose the stuff I already love.
  • Knowing that I'll be getting ready to work my last shift before vacation this time next week. OMFG, how am I going to make it through the rest of this week? *whine*
  • Knowing that we're on time for both our fic and our chapter.
  • New pics of Sebast that will go great with Kala.
  • Having been updated on what's going on with the F-List. I was really starting to worry you guys had gone away. I'm so happy to know it's just that life is crazy right now. Don't ever forget that I love all of you like mad. Srsly.
  • Being able to finally have full convos with brdwaybebe over on BT. I'm discovering that things are finally a little less...intimidating over there now, although I'm staying in the rather quiet FanFic section. I wouldn't mind a little company if any of you old-timers feel like coming back, too.

Okay, well, back to work. Expect the Heirs spoiler shortly. ;)

ETA: I forgot one! I WANT! WANTWANTWANT! ferdalump , love, you've outdone yourself. We may not agree on OTP (I love her for other things), guys, but Ms. Ferd can sure as hell sew! Still trying to figure how the hell I can manage this and Christmas.
Tags: all hallows, f-list love, overhaulin'

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