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Little Secrets Oneshots Index

Little Secrets 'Verse

+ Read My Mind: Twenty Years Later

Snapshots Series, set in the past before Kal-El left and before Little Secrets but in the same storyline

Snapshots: In The Light of Day

Snapshots: In The Dark of Night

+ Snapshots: Light Up the Sky

Snapshots: All I Want For Christmas

+ Snapshots: The Glow of Embers After

 Then there's the giant monster-sized epic, Little Secrets. Tags are currently finished, but thanks to the generous help of the always-brilliant saavikam77, we now have a nice, new, sexy index to make it easier for reading here on LJ. Thanks again, Ella! We love you!

+ Making New Traditions

+ Thursday Night Deleted Scene (Giving Thanks)

Christmas with the Kents, Part One and Two, takes place during the run of LS and is now slightly AU.  We wrote it December of 06 and got to that part of LS in 08, so...

The Final Word

Lois Lane versus Gazeera

How I Spent my Christmas Vacation, by Richard White, Part One.  Parts Two through ? are forthcoming.

+ LS Postscript Fic: The More Things Change...

+ The Perils of Popularity


+ A Small Matter of Some Gravity

+ Jason Kent and the Creature from the Deep

If It's Meant To Be..., Part One and Part Two

Great Expectations: A Father's Day Tale 

+ An Echo of Legend

Unfamiliar, Part One and Part Two


+ Before The Clock Strikes Twelve

+ Of Pancakes and Early Mornings

All's Fair in Love, War ... and the Front Page,  
Part One and Part Two
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