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Not That It's All That Important, But I'M HOOOME!

  • First things first: Oooh, LJ, how I missed you! And I actually took my first honest-to-God this-time-I'm-not-joking hiatus and it was a good thing, too. This week has been non-stop madness and it was very important to make sure I could devote as much time as possible to the writing. This was one serious important moment in Heirs history. From here on out, the Family is on the move.
  • I'm very late in posting that today was what would have been Christopher Reeve's 57th birthday. It' so hard to believe that he's been gone so long now. I think I'll be posting a picspam shortly in the spirit of dj_intheuk's that was posted earlier. I feel like such a loser for not having had the time to do a huge thoughtful post, but I had so much writing to do this morning that it just never happened. *is disgusted with self, seeing as how she's co-mod of reeveverse. *hides*
  • Just finished watching the SV opener. Oh. My. GOD!!! Am I ever glad I held out hope for this season and is it off to a glorious start or what? I need to post a review when I get ten seconds, but that couldn't have been more FTW if it tried. And is Erica channeling Margot hardcore or what? *blissfully happy sigh* And is it just me or Clark wearing Kala's wardrobe? XD That duster is just cracking me up to no end.
  • Two weeks to go until Asheville. Brian's taking most of the next week off, but I don't care. I'm going to do all that I can do and that's all. No more beating myself up about what I can and cannot do. Over it.
  • There's going to be some house-cleaning around here in the next week, so don't be surprised if a few things go missing. They'll be back soon and look shinier. :D
  • Starting work on our 12days_of_clois fic soon, as it's due just after we come home from vacation. Nothing naughty this time around on that quarter, although it will be eye-opening, but we may just have something up our sleeves other than that. You guys know what we usually post after a week-long vacation. ;)
  • Those that replied to any post in the last little while can expect to get responses in the next day or so. I'm especially wanting to get caught-up on how my poor Big Sister is doing. *snugs her bistyboo1974
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Okay, now I'm off to finish the polish on the chapter and post. I'm sooo glad to be home!

*does another happy dance over SV and the major Clois-age* Damn, we have all SO earned this!
Tags: crack!ville, f-list love, vacation insanity, work suckage

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