Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

As Progress Continues...

Just a brief little update to let all of you know that we'll be on time this week and all is well...for us, anyway. I'm not sure that the same can be said for the LS family. As of 3:23, we're at 8 pages and 4,011 words. We plan to add four more pages before shipping it off to the human dynamo that is our beta, htbthomas late tomorrow night. The search has begun, all fronts are temperarily united... but what about the twins? Well, you'll just have to wait until Saturday morning (or as soon as B is finished) to see!

And much love and thanks to sean_montgomery for sitting up with her sickly and miserable twin last night. *hugs* I'm starting to feel almost human now, Abby. Thanks so much for the chat. And we're starting our 12 Days as soon as bistyboo1974gives out our dates. And yes, B, it has to do with my plot bunny. Hey, Caroline! What do you think of a Father's Day/Mother's Day/Grandparents Day round after this one? *winks at Abby and B*
Tags: little secrets progress reports

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