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Crash and Burn The Day Before My Day Off

Typhoid Mary strikes again, this time with dizziness, stomach ickiness, and all that mess. Totally sucks, especially if you only had four hours worth of sleep. Thank God the chapter's almost done (only a major scene needs to have final additions and then it needs a polish) because I'm going back to bed. I talked to the MOD and it looks like they'll be okay without me tonight, although no one will likely watch Harmon with me not being there. What can you do? Brian's going to kill me because we have a corporate visit Monday, but I can't keep anything on my stomach. Sometimes you just have no choice. We'll see if I can fix the mess Sunday, when I'm in for nine hours. *crosses finger* But I'm too sick to care, ATM. I'll worry about it when we get there.

*trudges off to bed with a cup of white rose tea*
Tags: typhoid mary, work suckage

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