Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

Progress Update

So here we (entry coauthored) sit, smoking pomegranate shisha and typing furiously in between bouts of Anissa messing around with the damn dogs on Furry Paws.  She has an unnatural obsession with this freakin' website - 62 adult virtual dogs and NINE litters of puppies.  All Beaucerons, all of them tricked out with fancy collars and leads and things ... and she's helping get OTHER people addicted to it, too!  Grrrr....

Anyway, so chapter 31 (which remains nameless) is up to 1,250 words.  First two sections are done, now we need to write about where Richard was this whole time.  Oh, Richana fans...

And B's birthday present, One Week, progresseth nicely.  Only 585 words right now, but Lois is already naked ... in the shower.  lol!  

Lois missed him.  Missed his arms around her badly enough for that faint contact to ignite her nerves and make her shiver with sudden craving a thousand times worse than quitting cigarettes.

Yeah, you love it.  <-- Obviously written by Anissa.
Tags: little secrets spoiler

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