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Per Nire's Request, A Second Little Tidbit To Tide You Over Until Saturday

How about this?


“How the hell does he do that?” Luthor snarled, pulling the headphones off and tossing them onto the table in front of him.

“What do you mean?” Mercy asked, even though she knew the answer.  While she listened, she scanned the large bank of monitors on the wall before them.  Some showed locations in the facility, others brought in the news feed from Metropolis, still others were dedicated to showing the sound waves being digitally recorded in twenty locations, and one displayed the results from the search program installed on the computers at the Daily Planet.

“The damned alien outmaneuvered me again,” Luthor muttered bitterly.  “I can’t figure out how he always manages to pull it off.  We were so close…”

“He hasn’t outmaneuvered you,” Mercy said quietly.  That got her Lex’s full attention, and she continued in the same subdued tone, “He wasn’t even present for two of the attacks.  He stopped the sniper, but his son and the designer had to defend themselves.  No, he was just lucky.”  She shrugged.  “It happens.  You can never eliminate random chance from real-world equations.”

“So we fail completely, and you’d blame luck?”  Luthor’s voice had gone soft and dangerous, but Mercy met his gaze steadily.

“What makes you think we failed?”

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