Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

Random Notes On Busy Day

  • I'm seriously considering buying up all of the available Skins episodes I can get my hands on. I get this feeling already that I'm going to be hopelessly in love with Effy and Cassie. Is it just me or is Kaya Scodelario drop-dead? Makes me think of Hermione Granger evil twin, looks-wise.  0_0
  • Still sore from spending all day Friday at Ichetucknee Springs tubing. We stayed yesterday until they kicked us out. Literally one of the last five vehicles in the park. Seriously considering this as bi-weekly thing until the temps get colder.
  • Will be posting Read My Mind: Twenty Years Ago later this evening. I think it turned out just right. Also need to get 1,000 words on the next Heirs chapter before bedtime, although it could be fun since I have to work early tomorrow. Come Hell or high water, it will be set to go by next Saturday morning.
  • Going to Best Buy now to get the new computer and Sony Vegas. I'm so excited! NEW COMP FOR THE WIN! Even if I won't be able to pay it oiff until the end of next year. :(
Tags: random

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