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What Happens When I Disappear....

Wow, it's amazing how only a few days can change your perspective. After seeing how badly last week tore me up, Anissa decided to pull me away from the usual hum-drum life and make me go places. And I got to sleep in! On a Sunday! :D

  • Finally got an explanation as to what happened to my hours on Friday night and it was nothing that I had done wrong. Seems that a certain somebody has been keeping us WAAAY later than the time alloted at night and all the part-timers' hours got slashed because of it. And it's no secret that hours are tight at BB&B right now. We lost 100 hours just this month. I was starting to take it personally, but there's no way I can since  it's happening to everyone. I will say that hearing this did a lot for my nerves.
  • There's no way to tell all of you just how much I don't deserve you for all of the love you gave me last week. I was so low that I wasn't sure if I was rock-bottom or not. The fact that so many of you came by and reminded me that I'm not useless to the entire world meant so much to me. I'm not sure what I did to even get you guys in my life, but I feel humbled by the love. I just wish there was a way to give it back. I love you guys, you have no idea how much. *hugs her entire F-List with all of her might*
  • Broke down and started to buy up new clothes to replace the ratty nightgowns and beaten-up work pants I've been living with for so long. I adore new pretty clothes, but can rarely justify the expense. Yeah, I know. I spend crazy amounts of money on Lush, but beat myself up over a thirty-dollar dress. I know, I know. *rolls eyes*  I'm starting to get together some really nice stuff. And when you can get a pair of badass jeans for $5, how can you pass it up?
  • Anissa decided that this weekend was a great time to go ahead and go out to one of the natural springs we have here in north Florida. So, of course, being Lois and Anissa, we decide to do this on Saturday morning after having had four hours of sleep. *LOL* First we planned to head to Ichetucknee Springs, but changed our mind when we remembered how over-crowded it gets this time of year. So we decided that we'd try Ginnie Springs for the first time. And we were excited to do it...until we saw the line that was forming in the Pay Office at 11 in the morning. Changing our mind, we decided that we'd look around a bit at the smaller springs we saw on the way in. We ended up at Poe Springs, which was still busy, but nowhere near as bad as the others. We only stayed a couple of hours because the crowds started to gather there, too. Not being quite satisfied with our water time, we decided that we'd drive out to Juniper Springs in the Ocala National Forest.  We had a lot of good discussion on the ride, only to discover on getting there that the smaller springs were already closed for the season. *shrugs gamely* It was a fun trip and we had a good time. I loved it.
  • Slept in on Sunday and did it feel good. I'm trying to remember the last time I didn't feel guilty about that. A good sign, maybe? I'd dare to say that it wouldn't suck to have Saturday and Sunday off all the time. I have no issues with working the weekdays if I never have to work another early Sunday. *scoffs* Yeah, wishful thinking isn't good for you.
  • I have decided that Target's grocery is the best thing this side of heaven. It's like combining Wal-Mart's price with Native Sun and World Market's choices. I know how cheesy that sounds, but I've never really shopped there for food. We've only ever gotten things there before we head up to the mountains, since they have the better nibbles. The biggest shock for me is that the prices are cheaper than anywhere we've been shopping, even Wal-Mart, and the quality is twice the level! I'm glad that Anissa talked me into going with them this week. The sheer amount of cooking that I'm going to be doing this fall is just going to be insane. 
  • There has been more discussion about the Asheville trip. It's going to be interesting, especially since they're cutting my hours, but we're determined to get there. I wanted five days, but that's probably not going to happen. I can live with four or even three. As long as I can go and spend some quality time with my Blue Ridge and possibly Smokey Mountains, shop the farmer's market, get some Arkansas Black apples, and go to Bracken Mountain Bakery, all will be meet and right with the world.
  • And I'm off Friday, Saturday, and Sunday this week. I was upset about it at the time, but I think I'm going to have the best time I possibly can. If I was honest, I'd say that I really have needed this time off. I might as well enjoy it. :D I'm planning to fix my study next Sunday. YAY!
  • Today will be a good day, no matter what anyone at work says. I'm determined. :D
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