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Yet Another Listy Lois Post

It's been a crazy week. Like seriously crazy. Like beat your head against a wall crazy. So, this prompts a listy post, as I don't have time to a normal one.
  • Brian is out of town this week, leaving me, Jen, and Janet to put away freight. Thankfully it's only a two and a half pallets. The bad news? We have discounted makeup we have to find and mark down, as well as maintain the department. The freight will likely take three days. If they don't pull us out of the room. *headdesk* Oh, job, I'm going to need a padded cell before I leave you.
  • FF.net is finally up and working again after being down a good percentage of the weekend. Which just killed me as this was the week of a major reveal in Heirs. Epic!Fail, FF. Now those readers are about a day behind the LJ readers.That's just annoying, especially since we couldn't post until very late. Grrr. :P
  • I have officially become an awful LJ friend, missing both winddancer55945  and child_of_a_dot 's birthdays. *facepalm* Ladies, I have no excuse other than the lack of time online lately and that's just a lame excuse. I really do love you both and I do apologize for the suck that is me lately. *holds arms out pleadingly* Love me still?
  • The passing of simons_flower  shocked and saddened me beyond belief. I friended her because of her amazing fic and have been reading faithfully for quite some time. I even commented to Anissa how much I missed her work. And then the news came. I'm so glad that the HP fandom has put aside their differences long enough to rally around each other in light of this. It goes to show, no matter how vicious and wanky a fandom can be, we're family. The outpouring of love for her just leaves me in awe. And it makes me love you guys, my fandom family, all the more. I love you guys more than I could possibly tell you and am thankful for every day I have with you. I'm sorry that I don't tell you that more often.
  • Sober, my 12days_of_clois  fic is finally in the can and posted. Despite my RV Lois muse being annoyed with my writing something that telling about her, I think it turned out pretty good. And she really is a dear for letting me tap into her emotions like that. *snuggles her despite the vicious glare and shoves I'm getting for it*
  • Several more stories in the hopper, but when isn't there? We are already working on the prompts from the 'Timestamp' meme and already working on another fic for januaried .
  • Thank God, I'm off next weekend and can try to get a few reviews done. *is ashamed* I should get more of this done, especially since you guys are so good to us, but there never seems to be enough time. Ever. *sighs* I need a higher-paying, less stressful, more-free-time life. Yes, that was worded carefully on purpose.
  • I LOVE YOU, ALL! Have a great day! *blows kisses*
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